GAME OF 1000 BOXES – Larks


March 15, 2024

Have you ever imagined being a part of a live game show, where every moment is packed with excitement, teamwork, and a sprinkle of cosmic luck? Well, Larks is making this dream a reality with, the Game of 1000 Boxes!

This unique live game show experience, set to debut at Larks in 2024, brings friends and families together in a unique and lively (and competitive) environment. Each participant is equipped with a simple yet powerful tool – a handheld buzzer with a single button, the key to unlocking a world of mini-games.

A Symphony of Skills

More than just a trivia game, The Game of 1000 Boxes It’s an eclectic mix of mini-games that require a variety of skills. From pop culture knowledge to music reaction time, social strategy, and team coordination – there’s something for everyone. And don’t worry if you’re not a video game aficionado; this experience isn’t about gaming prowess but about having fun and working together.

Every Player Shines

What sets the Game of 1000 Boxes apart is its inclusive design. It ensures that every participant, regardless of their skill set, has their moment in the spotlight. Each show is crafted to afford every player a winning moment, creating an environment where everyone feels valued and entertained.

First-of-its-Kind at Larks

As Larks gears up to open its doors in Fairview, Kansas City, and Nashville in 2024, the anticipation for the Game of 1000 Boxes is building. This will be the first opportunity for people in these areas to experience such a unique live game show. Alongside this innovative game, Larks will also offer nostalgic pastimes like shuffleboard, the Larkade, putt-putt, and more – providing a well-rounded entertainment experience.

The Countdown Begins

The opening of Larks and the debut of the Game of 1000 Boxes mark the beginning of a new era in entertainment. So, gather your friends, form your team, and step into the world of Larks’ Game of 1000 Boxes. Whether it’s your quick thinking, fast reflexes, strategic mind, or team spirit, there’s a winning moment waiting for you.

Embrace the excitement, enjoy the camaraderie, and let the games begin!